Thursday, April 7, 2011

F - Focus On Your Potential - Motivational Poster

Focus-Positive Attitude Motivational Poster print
Focus-Positive Attitude Motivational Poster by semas87
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Focus is an important attribute that can be misused.
It influences your thoughts and your reactions.

You can 
Focus on your problems or on the solutions
Focus on your troubles or on the potential
Focus on your failures or on the successes

"Keep in mind, your moods are primarily the result of what you focus on."
~ Mike Brescia ~

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  1. these are post cards and cards you make.. I like them.. very pretty.. is it on cardstock? lazer printer???

  2. Love it! Great poster, great words, great post!

  3. @ Nf1andprek-whisper - I have designed the poster in photoshop and it is available at my store REFLECTIONS at zazzle on different products like mousepads,magnets,cards,etc

    @Rasz -Thank you for your appreciation.