Monday, August 31, 2009

072-081-Digital Abstract Art Series

Today I had a wonderful time doing this Digital Abstract Art Series .It just flowed from one to the next.Creating Digital Art is exciting offering so many ways to experiment. I painted the first painting -072-in the traditional method with oil brush in TwistedBrush.Then came the exciting part of applying blending and filters to create new artworks073-081.I felt happy and relaxed after an hour of painting this Digital Abstract Art Series.












Friday, August 28, 2009

071-100/100 Praise

Congradulations Sandy for reaching your 100th challenge at TGIF.You get 100/100 for your efforts and creations.Your challenges have been inspiring and motivating me to create new artworks.Today has not been different.I enjoyed creating this mandala design with100/100 highlighted in the centre.Thanks to you I have a new design to add to my storeREFLECTIONS at zazzle.

100/100 Praise stickers,buttons,keychains and magnets.
100/100-full marks for your efforts.
Shower praise for work well done at home,at school,at work.
Show your appreciation to your family,friends and collegues.
You can use it to motivate yourself too!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

070-Abstract art with quote

"Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration.
Begin, and inspiration will find you.”
- H. Jackson Brown

This quote is my inspiration for this design.The background is a digital abstract done by me with the saying added to it.This Digital painting is for Theme Thursday's challenge this week to create art with quote or sayings.
This digital painting is an abstract painting done in twisted brush and the saying and border added to it in photoshop.
I felt the design to be apt to motivate one while working on the computer and I have used the design as a motivational mousepad design for sale at REFLECTIONS,my zazzle store.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

069-blue and red abstract

I did another abstract in twisted brush today .This goes to the collection I am doing to show to the gallery.

Monday, August 24, 2009







A long break and I am far behind in uploading images for my 100 in 100 challenge.I am creating new designs and paintings daily but have not uploaded them .I should break this habit and be more regular as I feel great when I share my works.
The following 5 abstracts were done to show to a gallery in our city.They had asked to see some digital abstract paintings.I would love to hear all your feedbacks on them .

Monday, August 3, 2009

063- tulips

This is my ATC for TMTA's challenge-friendship.
I enjoyed this challenge creating the tulips from an image of large colored bulbs in photoshop and then creating the composition.I feel happy with this image and am planning to post this for sale at Reflections-my store @ zazzle.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

053-062-Digital Art!

053-a bright pattern done in twisted brush

054-a photoshop work

055-experimenting techniques in photoshop

056-A traditional fruit still life in corel photo paint

057-A quick sketch in photoshop

058-sunset in photoshop

059-steps in corel paint

060-leaves abstract in photoshop

061-floral still life in corel photo paint

062-abstract portrait in photoshop

I felt bad about not uploading my digital works here everyday.My days are flying too fast with creating cards and designs for Paper Treasures -my store @GCUand Reflections -my store@ zazzle.Expressive -Impressive is the record of my digital exploration so I thought I will upload 10 of my digital art I have done to fully update the number of art for the 100 in 100 challenge.