Thursday, August 27, 2009

070-Abstract art with quote

"Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration.
Begin, and inspiration will find you.”
- H. Jackson Brown

This quote is my inspiration for this design.The background is a digital abstract done by me with the saying added to it.This Digital painting is for Theme Thursday's challenge this week to create art with quote or sayings.
This digital painting is an abstract painting done in twisted brush and the saying and border added to it in photoshop.
I felt the design to be apt to motivate one while working on the computer and I have used the design as a motivational mousepad design for sale at REFLECTIONS,my zazzle store.


  1. Brilliant!! love the quote, it's sooo true!!


  2. Very creative and artfully done. Great mouse pad!

  3. Very creative and artfully done. Great mousepad!

  4. The art is great, but it's the words that caught me most. It's so true, it really is. Thanks.