Saturday, August 1, 2009

053-062-Digital Art!

053-a bright pattern done in twisted brush

054-a photoshop work

055-experimenting techniques in photoshop

056-A traditional fruit still life in corel photo paint

057-A quick sketch in photoshop

058-sunset in photoshop

059-steps in corel paint

060-leaves abstract in photoshop

061-floral still life in corel photo paint

062-abstract portrait in photoshop

I felt bad about not uploading my digital works here everyday.My days are flying too fast with creating cards and designs for Paper Treasures -my store @GCUand Reflections -my store@ zazzle.Expressive -Impressive is the record of my digital exploration so I thought I will upload 10 of my digital art I have done to fully update the number of art for the 100 in 100 challenge.


  1. I love the free feel in these--bright interplay of colors . . . love the abstract portrait . . .also love Day 57 quick sketch. Colors in Day 53 made me smile really big! Very very nice work