Thursday, July 23, 2009

048-052- My cards designed this week

048-Thank you

Thanks to 100 in 100 which made me explore my digital art experience.It has exposed to me ways to show my work to the world.It has given me confidence to show my works at redbubble,greetingcarduniverse and zazzle.It is exciting to create new designs .This is one of the thank you cards I have created.You can see more at PAPER TREASURES and

049-get well soon

One of the ways to perk up a person not keeping well is to send them a get well soon card.It shows to them that we care.This is one of my get well soon cards..You can see more at PAPER TREASURES and MY ZAZZLESTORE.

050-we are moving

A new home
A new place
A new atmosphere
It would be nice to inform and invite people to our new home.This was the thought behind making my we are moving... cards.You can find more at PAPER TREASURES.

051-you are invited

Parties are a great way to enjoy life ,to meet people,to honor people and to create wonderful memories.One of the first steps to prepare to host a party is to create your invitees list and send them personal invitations.Today's card was designed for a potluck party.You can find more cards for parties at PAPER TREASURES.

052-slogan tees

Slogans are short and sweet .
Slogans are catchy and memorable.
Slogans show your attitude.

I designed today a few slogans for my zazzle store.One of it is

"Nothing is Impossible,Anything is Possible"

It looks great on men's tees,ladies tees and also on a mug.It's a great way to motivate yourself and proclaim your attitude to the world.

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