Friday, August 28, 2009

071-100/100 Praise

Congradulations Sandy for reaching your 100th challenge at TGIF.You get 100/100 for your efforts and creations.Your challenges have been inspiring and motivating me to create new artworks.Today has not been different.I enjoyed creating this mandala design with100/100 highlighted in the centre.Thanks to you I have a new design to add to my storeREFLECTIONS at zazzle.

100/100 Praise stickers,buttons,keychains and magnets.
100/100-full marks for your efforts.
Shower praise for work well done at home,at school,at work.
Show your appreciation to your family,friends and collegues.
You can use it to motivate yourself too!


  1. What a gorgeous mandala. The colors are vibrant and lovely.

  2. Wow what an amazing piece.
    Brilliant design. Love them.

    Thanks Sema for playing the 100. Challenge on TGiF.