Tuesday, June 23, 2009

13 paintings in 10 days-006-018

How wonderful it is to blog again! I missed being connected with other bloggers who had become my inspiring forces.Our telephone line was disconnected for the past 10 days due to civic work in our street and hence no internet.
Thank you, amanda, for your concern offering encouragement.I am committed to this project and the accountability makes it challenging,I want to create something to share.I have been working daily though I was not able to post.I have done 13 paintings in the past 10 days.I am posting them together today and I would love to hear feedbacks on them.Please scroll down to see all.

1 comment:

  1. SEMA!!!

    I have been wondering and wondering where you are and I've gone and checked you page thinking I'm missing you somehow! I'm so happy you're all right and that you are back among us! I've missed you.

    These are fabulous. My Favs?! I LOVE the watermelon. The next is the apple because I love how you made it stand out and still used the same color throughout! Fascinating...and the third? SUN RAYS! Beautiful all so different...and all so very you!