Tuesday, June 9, 2009

001-A beginning

Here's my first painting done in 'twistedbrush'.It is my attempt at doing an abstract painting.I am scared to attempt such works on canvas fearing I might spoil the painting.But,being a digital I could relax a little and paint freely.


  1. OH, this is fun. I am so enjoying following your journey into painting in this way. Go for it!

  2. Hi, Sema! I am so pleased that I was able to help you begin this journey. I love the soft colors and composition in this painting. The orange/peach part almost looks like an open door to me--representing this wonderful new beginning, maybe. I'm excited to see your progress!

  3. Yep, I see a door, too . . . lovely sense of moving into the future . . I'm proud of you for starting this challenge. Sometimes the first step is the hardest. You are past that now.