Friday, March 26, 2010

Yellow Flowers In Watercolor

As posted yesterday I did this Yellow Flowers In Watercolor.Browsing Books on painting flowers in watercolor  I was inspired to pick up my watercolor brush!Here is the result....A simple quick sketch of yellow flowers.

I did this watercolor painting in my Watercolor sketchbook with watercolor cake paints. The paints are easy to use and to practice watercolor painting of small floral sketches quickly.

Painting Close-Focus Flowers in WatercolorPainting Close-Focus Flowers in Watercolor is a great resource with beautiful step by step photographs. 

In Ann Pember's "Painting Close-Focus Flowers in Watercolor", she has been able to demonstrate a variety of step-by-fluid-step techniques to bring high drama to the world of simple blooms. Her close-ups of hollyhocks, gloxinias; and peonies float upon the pages which are jam-packed with carefully chosen, eye-pleasing colors. ~ from customer reviews


  1. I am amazed to see the painting of flowers. It looks awesome with nice colour combo..keep it up the good work.

  2. Thank you Beth ,for the appreciation!