Friday, December 4, 2009

113-Colorful Parrot Digital Painting

Colorful Parrot Digital Painting was done in twisted brush program .

It was a wonderful experience to paint this beautiful parrot.

I had been away from my painting tools as I was busy finishing 2 squidoo lenses to promote my products from REFLECTIONS,my zazzle store.

It was interesting to do the lenses.It was another way to show my creativity.I was able to highlight my best designs .It gives me immense pleasure to create new designs for REFLECTIONS,as it is an expression of my artistic self.


  1. Sema, your painted parrot is gorgeous. I don't have that sort of capabilities with my PSE that I know of. But I am still an infant in digital art. I love the colors you've used. So real that he looks like he could talk!

  2. Thank you ,Faye,for your appreciation.
    I am happy to get it from a talented person like you.